Italian Supper Club began as a simple idea dreamed up by two friends in their East London living room. A place to bring people together, the Italian way, over long, meandering meals and glasses of wine late into the night. Today, the original Supper Clubs – and every event and experience they have inspired since – still capture the same sense of joy, warmth and charm that they started with.

We’d love to see you at one of our Supper Clubs. Please find the details for upcoming events and tickets below.

Demo Supper

We're back with our West Coast Dinners featuring the Cinque Terre – a gorgeous stretch of five seaside colourful villages on the rocky Liguria region famous for pesto and focaccia. There will be plenty of bright, summery food and wine from the Riviera coastline.
Henrietta Hotel
14-15 Henrietta Street
London, WC2E 8QH
6th July 2023
Aperitivo starts at 7:30pm
Dinner at 8:00pm